Wafer Data Interface & Management Software

WaferCommander’s Key Features Include:

Standalone Operation - WaferCommander is a standalone application used to define and identify (by the assigned filename) the basic parameters of individual wafer types.  WaferCommander is used to introduce wafer types into the ProbeCommander system and provides an efficient means for storing, cataloging and recalling wafer characteristics such as repeat distances.

Portable Files - WaferCommander files can be transferred from computer to computer easily to prevent repetitious data entry.

Automatic Conversion - WaferCommander converts measurement units between millimeters, mils, and microns.

Flexibility – WaferCommander handles both round and square wafers:

WaferCommander is a member of the ProbeCommander Software Suite of applications from Pacific Western System, Inc.    ProbeCommander controls all of the elements of probing and testing systems - including imaging, positioning, alignment, stepping, mapping, lot, and data management services.


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