Stepping Management Software

StepCommander is a software utility that generates stepping patterns for wafers to be probed and/or tested.  Die can be manually selected or un-selected for test, or Step Commander can be used for complex stepping patterns.

StepCommander features include:

  • Support for custom probe / test (for example, probing every third die)

  • Support for partial wafer probe / test

  • Management of die start, die alignment, and the die coordinate system in the ProbeCommander environment

  • Easy-to-use setup wizard

StepCommander Wafer Template

StepCommander is a member of the ProbeCommander Software Suite of applications from Pacific Western System, Inc.  ProbeCommander controls all of the elements of probing and testing systems - including imaging, positioning, alignment, stepping, mapping, lot, and data management services.
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Last Updated: March 11, 2003