Wafer Probing Systems

  • MP4 - Manual Probe Workstation

  • M20 - Desktop Semi-Automatic Prober

  • P4Semi-Automatic Wafer Probe System

  • P5 - Fully Automatic Wafer Probe System

  • P5C - Semi-Automatic Wafer Probe System

  • P5D - Semi-Automatic Square Substrate Probe System

Wafer Probing Accessories

Software Solutions

  • ProbeCommander - A suite of software utilities that provides wafer probe/test, imaging, positioning, alignment, stepping, real-time mapping, lot, wafer and data management services for PWS Wafer Probe systems.  Each of the below components of the  ProbeCommander suite are available separately or in custom packages:

  • AlignCommander - Provides management of automatic wafer alignment processes.

  • ICEVision - Manages machine vision functions.

  • LotCommander - Provides wafer lot process management.

  • MapCommander - HARD-TO-FIND FEATURES!  Manages real-time wafer mapping, 
    provides bin management, and records and exports test results.

  • PositionCommander - Provides a GUI-based manual position control interface.

  • StepCommander - Generates stepping patterns for wafers under probe or test.

  • WaferCommander - Provides wafer data management.

CVD Films Equipment

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