Position Control Interface Software

PositionCommander Provides A GUI-Based Manual Position Control Interface For PWS Wafer Probe Systems

One of the main benefits of the PositionCommander application is its easy-to-use interface.  It provides a variety of functions which facilitate manual operations, including the following:

  • Linear-Motion Directional Commands These controls move the wafer in linear directions a specified distance: step moves the wafer in the largest increments, and pulse in the smallest.

  • Theta Controls These commands move wafers clockwise or counter clockwise using step, jog, or pulse movements. 

  • Z-Controls - PositionCommander can also be used to move the wafer up or down.

  • Manual This button alternately enables and disables the stage motion-control buttons on the prober front panel.

  • Microscope Light Control - This control toggles the Microscope Illuminator light on and off.

  • Wafer Unload Control - Clicking on Unload causes the stage to move to the right-front position and, if the prober system is equipped with a loader, the wafer to be unloaded to the output cassette.

  • Stage Status Displays These include the X and Y boxes and the Row and Col boxes, which report the current stage position.  The Up, Home, Edge Sensor, and Manual indicator lights all report various settings.

  • Predefined Destination Controls

    Home - Clicking on Home moves the stage to the home position (usually at the right front corner).

    Scrub - Clicking on Scrub moves the stage to the predefined scrub pad position.

    Align - Clicking on Align moves the stage to the alignment position.  Typically this will center the wafer under the alignment camera.

    Probe - Clicking on Probe moves the center of the stage under the probes, microscope, and/or probe camera.

    OCR - Clicking on OCR moves the stage to the OCR position.  Typically this will only be valid with prober configurations that perform OCR under the alignment camera or under a dedicated OCR camera located in the prober section.

    Reference - Clicking on Reference moves the stage to the position selected during prober setup as a reference location.  This position may optionally be used during alignments.

PositionCommander is a member of the ProbeCommander Software Suite of applications from Pacific Western System, Inc.    ProbeCommander controls all of the elements of probing and testing systems - including imaging, positioning, alignment, stepping, mapping, lot, and data management services.


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Last Updated: March 11, 2003