Wafer Lot Process Software

LotCommander Provides Wafer Lot Process Management For 
Pacific Western System Wafer Probe Systems

LotCommander Files Specify:

  • Load Options specifies how wafers are loaded, and what to do if load failure occurs

  • Alignment Options specifies auto-align or manual-align details

  • OCR Options specifies OCR configuration

  • Pause Options allows the operator to verify probe to pad alignment before processing the entire wafer lot

  • Test (Run) Options specifies related files and other test information

LotCommander Features Include:

  • Lot files may be copied from system to system, avoiding repetitious data entry

  • Easy-to-use user interface in Windows environment

  • Handles both automatic alignment and manual alignment systems



LotCommander is a member of the ProbeCommander Software Suite of applications from Pacific Western System, Inc.   ProbeCommander controls all of the elements of probing and testing systems - including imaging, positioning, alignment, stepping, mapping, lot, and data management services.


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Last Updated: March 11, 2003