Auto-Align Software Manager

AlignCommander Software Utility
Provides Management Of Automatic Wafer Alignment Processes For
Pacific Western Systems Wafer Probe Systems

AlignCommander Features:

  • AlignCommander’s Setup Wizard makes alignment setup efficient and straightforward, while supporting a variety of alignment strategies (single die, small die, target-less).

  • AlignCommander manages all the information required by the prober system to:
    1. Precisely align and position a wafer to the prober’s physical geometry
    2. Bring a specific reference/starting die under the probes
    3. Align the probes to die pads

  • Data included in alignment files are:
    1. Align target-image- pattern data
    2. Position target-image- pattern data

    3. Pad & Reference Die 
    location data

  • AlignCommander performs some functions automatically, saving time and effort:
    1. Temperature compensation - this corrects the effects of wafer thermal expansion or contraction associated with hot- and cold-chuck probing.
    Selection of utilities and applications – AlignCommander automatically displays any needed applications so that no steps are missed.






AlignCommander is a member of the ProbeCommander Software Suite of applications from Pacific Western Systems, Inc.    ProbeCommander controls all the elements of probing and testing systems - including imaging, positioning, alignment, stepping, mapping, lot, and data management services.
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Last Updated: March 11, 2003