The P5C is an entry-level, low volume production probe and inspection system incorporating computer controlled wafer alignment and stepping.  The P5C is a member of the field proven family of Pacific Western System's substrate handling systems.

The P5C's powerful interactive Real Time Wafer Mapping software significantly simplifies the test and production engineer's tasks.  For example, the bin result maps from production tests can be easily reprobed for failure.  An engineer can select any tested bin to move to.  The moves can be either automatic step and repeat, or under cursor control.  If needed, unique stepping patterns can be created for stepping within individual die.

The P5C uses PWS' Air Bearing Motion System for X-Y positioning.  The ABMS is a lead screw driven stage that moves on a frictionless film of air.  The stage is supported by air only when moving, and sets on a precision lapped surface plate at rest.  The ABMS is designed for precision stepping of semiconductor wafers.  The ABMS, combined with our in-house manufactured precision lead screws, offers superior accuracy, repeatability and mechanical stability.

A large support plate is provided for mounting probes, inspection optics, or custom hardware.  The support plate is co-planar to the chuck surface, and can be raised vertically via a three-point micrometer lift system.  The support plate has a vertical travel of two inches.  It can be machined exceptionally flat for applications that require precise planar mounting, such as manipulators with RF probes.

System Features:

  • Gray scale pattern recognition system

  • Programmable optics light source

  • Real-time wafer mapping software

  • Three point adjustable co-planar probe card support plate

  • High-performance PC Controller

  • X-Y microscope translation (optional)

  • Single die alignment software (optional)

  • Optical character recognition (optional)

  • Temperature controlled chuck (optional)

Prober Specifications:

  • Stage travel:  (6.8 in. X) (10.5 in. Y)

  • Theta rotation:  +/- 7.5 degrees

  • Chuck planarization:  +/- .0005 inch

  • Stage accuracy:  +/- .00025 inch

  • Stage resolution:  .0001 inch

  • Scanning speed*:  5 inch / sec.

  • Repeatability:  +/- .05 mils

* Throughput, stepping or cycle time are not the same as “scanning speed”.  Stepping time varies with many factors and is highly dependent upon specific applications.  For specific data, please contact PWS engineering.

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