The Pacific Western Systems Probe 4 is a time proven semi-automatic wafer probe system.  The Probe 4 was introduced over ten years ago as a cutting edge smart probe system, and PWS has continued to improve and upgrade the drive and control system to meet the many changing requirements of our customers.  The P4 evolution has been customer driven, and explains the longevity of the P4 as a production platform for Test and Mapping systems.

Increasing demand for Optical Devices has created the need for a mapping system capable of stepping small steps - 300 microns or less - with speed and accuracy.  The Probe 4 excels at fulfilling this need: it can step these devices with speed (less than 120 ms per 300 micron step), and with an accuracy repeatability of 6 microns or better.

An innovative new feature of the P4 is the Air Bearing Motion System (ABMS), which utilizes a proprietary lead screw with a formed lead nut to produce a near backlash-free X-Y stage motion.  The X-Y stage moves on a friction-free, low-volume and low-pressure film of air during stage movement.  The stage rests on three precision pads located on a lapped surface plate during test.  ABMS improves X-Y stepping accuracy and repeatability, and when combined with the PWS lead screw/ lead nut interface, it ensures superior accuracy, repeatability, and long life with minimum maintenance.

System Features Include:

  • Vision System

  • Adjustable Probe Head

  • Probe Cards

  • X-Y Microscope Translation (Optional)

P4 Specifications:

  • Stage Travel:  (6.8 in. X) (10.5 in. Y)

  • Theta Rotation:  +/- 7.5 degrees

  • Chuck Planarization:  +/- .0005 inches

  • Stage Accuracy:  +/- .00025 inches

  • Stage Resolution:  .0001 inch

  • Scanning Speed*:  5 inches/second

  • Repeatability:  +/- .05 mils.

*Throughput, stepping, and/or cycle time are not the same as “scanning speed”. Stepping time varies with many factors and is highly dependent upon specific applications.  Some factors that affect stepping time may include: die size, Z separation, edge turn-around, and acceleration/ deceleration. For specific data, please contact PWS.

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