The Model MP4/6 Manual Probe Station is designed for precision positioning of substrates for test and examination: 

  • The X-Y stage is positioned via concentric X-Y Adjust knobs at the front right and left of the stage. 

  • With the Easy Load pull knob, located in front, the X-Y stage can be moved to a load position forward of the probes. This easy load position permits safe substrate loading and unloading.

  • Two Probe Lift handles, one on each side, raise and lower the probe card for probe to substrate separation. 

  • The Z Micrometer on the right side of the unit is provided for precise probe contact.

  • Each P4/6 probe station is manufactured to the same exacting standards as Pacific Western Systems’ fully automated wafer probe systems.

The P4/6 accepts standard probe cards, manual manipulators, and adjustable probe rings of six or more probes.  Probe tips of large device probe cards can be viewed by scanning the microscope in X or Y.  The 4 by 4 inch travel of the X-Y translator provides viewing of even very large devices.


  • Stable Probe Test Platform

  • Easy Load Chuck

  • Fixed Probe Card Holder (steel ring for magnetic base micro-positioners)

  • X-Y Microscope Positioner

  • Precise X-Y and Z Micro-Positioning


  • Adjustable Probe Rings (with probes and edge sensor)

  • Temperature Controlled Chuck:

    • Range:  0 to 200 Degree C

    • Accuracy:  +/- 0.5 Degree C

    • Uniformity:  +/- 0.5 Degree C or +/- 5% of Set Value



  • Base:  20 inches wide; 20 inches deep

  • Heigth:  18 inches

  • Weight:  78 pounds

Substrate Chuck

  • X-Y Travel:  4 or 6 inch

  • Chuck Sizes:  4 or 6 inch (round or square)

  • Planarization:  0.0005 inches across chuck

Probe Ring “Z” Travel

  • Probe Separation:  0.250 to 0.750 inch (via dual handle lift)

  • Probe Fine Z Adjust:  0.500 inch
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